Unexpectedly delete an Email in AOL Mail? Eager to restore the forever deleted Email from AOL Mail? There are ways to retrieve deleted emails in AOL, no matter they are assassinated by mistake or permanently deleted a long time ago. Follow our guide to see How to Recover Deleted Emails In AOL.

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Recover Deleted Emails In AOL

Recover Recently Deleted Emails from AOL

Mistaken mail deletion happens from time to time, but it is not difficult at all to recover an inadvisedly deleted email from AOL only if it is shorter than seven days since you have removed it.

  1. First of all, Open AOL and click Trash in the left panel of your AOL account.
  2. Then click the email that you want to restore.
  3. On the roof of the interface, click the drop-down button near More, click Move to, then you can put the returned email to any place as you like.

However, if you have deleted the emails in AOL for longer than seven days or have forever removed the emails from Trash folder, follow the AOL mail recovery method below.

Recover Old or Permanently Deleted Emails from AOL

If you strenuously delete your email, or if you abruptly realist the importance of a long-deleted email and want to get it behind, is that possible? The chance of email recovery depends on where they are stored. If you are using a web-based AOL Mail, your mail data are not stored on your machine; as a consequence, you have no chance to gain the lost email. But if you have the AOL Mail app placed on your computer, then a known data recovery can help you scan your hard drive for the missing emails in AOL.

Step 1. Scan Hard Disk for Deleted AOL Emails

To scan out removed AOL emails, select Email and pick the hard drive where you have to install AOL Mail, then click Scan. The program will start to find removed emails from the hard drive with Quick Scan. After Quick Scan, you can also click Deep Scan to find more removed emails from your hard drive.

Step 2. Find the Forever Deleted Emails That You Need

You can go into PFC folder and see the emails. If you are not sure if a file contains the removed emails that you are looking for, you may identify the files by its generated date or modified data.

Step 3. Retrieve Deleted AOL Emails

When you find the files that may have your removed AOL emails, select it and click Recover, then it will be securely restored. Then you can open the PFC file with a PFC file observer to read the deleted AOL emails or introduce the data into AOL.

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