AOL Desktop Error code 100 is the desktop error code. This only happens when the drivers of your Windows computer or laptop is installed by the wrong way, It also happens if the drivers are corrupted or stopped working by any reason and it also happens when you windows drives are outdated.

How To Fix AOL Desktop Error Code 100?

This is the common error code which is face by our user regularly. This is also called as the device error code. Here in this article, I am going to tell you the reason and solution of the AOL error code 100. After reading all this instruction of solution you are able to solve this error code 100 very easily. If after doing all this step you still getting this error then contact our customer service team. Our customer service team have all the expert member who is able to solve your problem in minutes. So before knowing about the solution behind the problem you need to understand how will you identify that your suffering from this AOL Desktop error code 100. Below I am going to tell you about the symptoms of this error.

AOL Desktop Error Code 100


  • If your computer responsible slowly and take a time to open our software then your computer is infected our the error code 100.
  • If updating any programming from your computer is not possible.
  • If BSOD error appears in our computer.

If your getting the above error then your computer has the error code 100 and you have to solve it.  So after reading information about the error code 100 and the reason behind it now, it is the time to solve it.

Just follow the below steps to solve it. 

  • First of all, open your task manager you can open it by using the start menu. After the opening of the task manager open service tab. Now you get the new dialog box. Now access your windows to update the property and click on windows update, Now set windows to update start type to auto.
  • After that disable all your antivirus software and after windows are updated unable it and scan your system.

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Now the problem is successfully solved. If you are still getting this error Now it is the time to contact us.  You can do it by emailing us by the direct call. AOL customer support team is available 24/7 to help in any possible condition. We have the team of experts and they are able to solve it in the minutes. So don’t forget to contact us.

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